Adaptive Machining

Eliminate re-work and human error in your NC process. NC Transform (NCT) will reduce waste and increase revenue.

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Machine Monitoring

Our Machine Communication System allows one to monitor all machine activity in the shop and easily manage the data and improved efficiency.

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Five Axis Tool Compensation

Use reground tools even in the most complex of geometries, providing tool cost savings. Machine with confidence that the parts will be machined correctly.

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Tool Management

Get the most out of your tooling without risking over-utilization. Our TAC system allows each tool to give its maximum potential.

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NC Transform
Adaptive machining software for the modern factory

Eliminate Human Error

Let's face it, human error in manufacturing can be a problem. Maybe something isn't set properly in the fixture, or the wrong program / tool is selected. It's costly, but also a thing of the past when running NCT.

Best Fit Technology

Irregular part? Mis-aligned part? NCT will ensure your parts turn out right the first time, or it wont let the cut program start.

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Eliminate Re-work

Yes, we said eliminate re-work. NCT is more than an offset system, it truly adapts to what is presented on the machine and produces a compliant part.

User Friendly

After NCT is setup in your shop, it usually only takes a short training session for the NC programmers and the operators to become a fully integrated part of your process.

Why NC Transform
Operator Interface
Adaptive Blend
Adaptive Cross Section
Adaptive Mesh
Adaptive Spline
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Turbine Blade Root Milling

Machine Communication System (MCS)
MCS is the key to discovering process inefficiency and driving a lean manufacturing process

Run lights out and see everything

MCS gives live data so you'll know when your machines are up or down and why. How long is it taking between runs? Are you running to capacity? Do you even know your capacity?.

Connect to anything

Direct connect, MT Connect, or connection via our digital translator, we have you covered for any machine in your shop (even CMMs).

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Open Data Platform

MCS connects a lot of data in real time. It's your data and it can interface with your existing and future processes - 100% industry 4.0 compliant.

User Friendly

After MCS is setup in your shop, it usually only takes a short training session for the managment and the operators to become a fully integrated part of your process.

Launch MCS on your Desktop right now!

NC Tool Comp (NCTC)
The NC Tool Compensation program is absolutely essential in your LEAN / Industry 4.0 manufacturing process.

  • Save up to 50% or more on tooling costs
  • Eliminate human error at the machine - 100% automated entry
  • Speed up your tooling process
  • Have confidence in re-grind compensation
  • Includes the TAC system with all of its benefits

Case Study

See how a large aerospace manufacturer realized over 50% savings in their tooling budget by using the NCSS NC Tool Comp solution.

Talk with your NCSS representative to see if your shop qualifies for our program where licensing fees are paid as a fraction of realized tooling savings.

Tool Assembly Control (TAC)
TAC monitors tool usage to establish a base-line of the actual utilization life cycle of the tool. This allows the user to get the most out of their tooling budget without risking the downside of over-utilization.

  • Track the life of each individual tool
  • Establish a baseline of optimal tool usage
  • Get the ideal utilization out of each cutting surface
  • Available as a stand alone system or as an integrated part of your tool resurfacing process (NCTC)

NCSS provides software solutions which integrate into your overall process.

Connect to anything

NC Software solutions is platform independent. This means we can connect to any of your machines to get you up and running with the data you need (even on older machines)

Open Architecture

Your data is stored in a way which makes it openly available to interface with other software platforms. This means you don't have to abandon what you currently have in place. We make your current (and future) solutions work better

Connection Options

Open or restrict access as needed by subnet, private local network, private WAN, or the internet. You can always have your data at your fingertips.

NC Tool Comp Lean Mfg. Adaptive Machining Integated Data Process Refinement Reduced Waste Industry 4.0 CMM Monitoring Machine Monitoring Assembly Data Machine Maint Scheduling

Test drive any of our software solutions in your shop

This is your chance to see if we can make an impact on your bottom line.


It comes down to ROI

Nobody wants to take the risk of purchasing a solution which doesn't work and every salesman on the planet will assure you their widget is 'special'. Well, NCSS is different. We're so confident in our offerings, we'll let you try it in your shop, on your machines, with your data for up to 6 weeks.

Contact us so we can put together a meaningful test drive for you.

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I have a unique situation

Sometimes the client needs something which is truly difficult to machine for one reason or another. Other times, a client is struggling to work towards an industry 4.0 process. NCSS is well suited for unique situations as all of our software is built in a way which lends itself to integration and innovation.

We would love to hear of your unique problem, you may be surprised as chances are, your solution is already built

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The on-site test drive process

Request more information

We never share or sell information, so inquire with confidence today.

Step 1

Telephone / Web-Ex meeting

  • Meet with the NCSS team online to determine which solutions to try in your facility and get an online demo.
  • Provide a list of machines, along with controller information.
Step 2


Have a pre-site visit meeting with all parties involved in the demo (manager(s) and IT)

Step 3


Schedule the on-site installation and training (1 day)

Step 4

Review Data

Review the data and assess the impact it will have on the operation

About Us

NCSS established 2003

Like most advancements in technology, NCSS was founded out of necessity. Our founding members had a need for NC software which could not only accommodate for mis-aligned material in their machines via offsets, but have the ability to work with irregular and mis-shaped parts, make adjustments on the fly, and produce a good part the first time through. It was a very tall order...

Fortunately, this team of engineers with over 20 years of aero-space manufacturing experience had the skill and patience to develop the first version of our NC Transform (NCT) product. NCT has become an invaluable component of the production process for manufacturers all over the world as it achieves the end result we are all looking for: Make a good part the first time or don't run at all.

After NCT, our machine monitoring system (Machine Communication System - MCS) was developed. Like NCT, MCS was developed with the end user in mind, making it one of the easiest to operate systems available. Additional software packages were then introduced like NC Tool Comp, additional modules for both NCT and MCS, as well as others.

For more information or to schedule your free, on-site demo, contact us at: (833) 627-NCSS (6277) or send a message to: Web Inquiry

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